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Triotec CE marked silos

Triotec manufactures high quality, CE-marked silos with thirty years of experience.

Over the years, product development has resulted in a collection of high-quality silos which will survive time, corrosion and the harsh northern climate.

All silos are water resistant, pre-welded units. Triotec steel silos are CE marked and they have passed precise requirements of the SFS 1090 standard. Silos are designed and made to withstand the harsh norhern climate.

Specific surface treatments both inside and outside reduces the amount of condensed water. Thus moisture and water will not spoil the feed and the pellets. The thick surface material and high-quality paint will outlast the harshest winds and blizzards; the light-colored surface reduces heat build-up in sunny weather. 

The feed of the product stored in the silo takes place along the mantle of the silo, so the product is not distinguished into lighter and heavier. Banging of the sides of the silos is history, as the steep base cone ensures complete and even emptying of the silo.

Triotec silos can be erected quickly, because the silos are supplied as a complete unit. The operator erects the silo on a concrete slab and the legs of the silo are welded onto the casting supports. The silo is immediately ready for use. Most models also have short delivery times, as we try to make the most popular silo models available in our store.

All silos have as standard, dust removal cyclone and surveillance windows. As optional accessories, a scale and surface gauge are also available.
Triotec also produces pellet silos suitable for energy production, as well as other special silos. Ask for information from our sales staff.

Triotec silos

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  • CE marked steel construction
  • Pre-welded and watertight
  • Specific surface treatments both inside and outside reduces the amount of condensed water
  • Moisture and water cannot ruin the stored product –no mold problems
  • The light color reduces heat build-up in sunny weather
  • The steep cone improves the mobility of the material –no need to bang around the silo
  • The thickness of the surface and the paint's high quality survive the test of time, corrosion and exhausting climate
  • Dust removal cyclone and surveillance windows are standard
  • As optional accessories scale and surface gauge
  • The material feed along the mantle of the silo –the material is not distinguished as lighter and heavier
  • Quick delivery and assembly

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