Complete Production Systems for Egg Production
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Complete Production Systems for Egg Production

Triotec’s poultry production systems are based on the well-being and health of hens as well as on facilities that are clean, hygienic and easy to maintain. As the products are manufactured using genuine Finnish expertise, durability and high quality of the products are guaranteed. The well-being and low-mortality of hens as well as high-quality clean eggs translate into better return on investment for poultry farmers.

We offer complete production systems that are assembled from perfectly compatible production equipment forming a coherent whole. Production systems are designed for activities, such as breeding of broilers, layers and turkeys as well as for production of eggs.

Comprehensive production systems include the equipment needed for breeding and production, such as feeders and drinkers, climate computers, electrical systems, lighting and transport solutions, manure removal systems as well as egg elevators, egg lift systems and egg packing machines.

We have decades of strong experience in supplying poultry production equipment. Thus, we can offer help in adapting the production systems to challenging environments and to many specific requirements if need be.

Configuration of Triotec egg production

  1. Enriched cage systems
  2. Feed silo
  3. Silo scale
  4. Spiral conveyor
  5. Feed scale
  6. Feeding system
  7. Drinker
  8. Manure removal
  9. Ventilation
  10. Computers for production management
  11. Egg lift systems
  12. Egg elevators
  13. Egg conveyors
  14. Egg packing machines
  15. Egg tray stacker

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