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Triotec manufactures reliable, high-quality auger and screw conveyors for a wide variety of transportation needs.

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Our individual conveyor solutions enable placement of silos and conveyors into the most challenging places. Triotec delivers both single and multiple motor solutions. There are also available special models for heavier transportation needs.

All Triotec output funnels have service hatch below the shutter. Foreign bodies ending up among feed or pellets can be removed easily through the hatch. The adjustable bottom funnel allows for a 0°–45° mounting angle. A return coupling head provides more opportunities for placing silos close to the building, as well as for pulling the auger into difficult places.

There are also silo filling screws for certain silo designs [Triotec silos 9–34 m3 (ø2300) and 30–70 m3 (ø2850)]. Filling screws allow for easy filling of the silo, for example from a trailer.

The adapters manufactured by Triotec can be used to easily combine different sizes of auger and screw conveyors to Triotec silos, to adjust the conveyors of other manufacturers to Triotec silos or to combine multiple auger conveyors. If necessary, Triotec also designs and manufactures the adapter according to the customer needs.

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