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Broiler Production

Triotec offers a complete production of equipment for the production of broilers.

Triotec poultry production equipment is based on very able and healthy animals, as well as clean, hygienic and easy to maintain facilities. Finnish uncompromising professionalism in the production of products ensures durability and high quality. Animal welfare and low mortality, as well as high-quality and clean eggs mean for the poultry entrepreneur, a higher rate of return.

All Triotec Tape enrich cage models are manufactured in Finland in Triotec’s own factory and they fully meet the regulations set by the EU Directives. In the Tape system, the dirty and cracked egg rate is low and egg laying rate is high.

The layer aviary system allows for production of free-range eggs and organic eggs. With slatted platform can be added the effective henhouse floor space and the number of birds. Fly-on platforms facilitate the movement of hens at different levels. Hens like to go to nests and the eggs come clean from the nests.

The Triotec comprehensive product portfolio also includes hardware for chicken breeding farms, feeding and drinking equipment, automatic manure removal solutions, egg elevators and lifts, packaging machinery, lighting, conveyor solutions, climate and production computers. Triotec can also deliver flexible solutions to meet specific requirements or for more challenging houses. Ask for information from our sales staff.

Triotec henhouse equipment

  1. Tape stimulating cages for small groups of 8-25 chicken/compartments,  Models: Tape 136/8, 136/16, 150/20 and 180/25. Jansen barn / tiered grid equipment and large cage Volmaxx
  2. Manure removal Triotec manure screw or Farmtec conveyor
  3. Lubing drinking and humidifying equipment
  4. Triotec egg lifts and Farmtec egg elevators
  5. Triotec cot conveyors (egg lifts) or Farmtec conveyors (elevators)
  6. Triotec spiral conveyors TR75, TR 90 and TR 125 ø114 and 160 screw conveyor and fittings for other manufacturers’ screw conveyors
  7. Triotec feed and pellet silos, sizes 9m³ -106 m³, inflation system, an optional fueling or screw filling and screw unloader
  8. Triotec/weighing system for monitoring of the content of the silos
  9. STAALKAT egg packing machines and stackers
  10. Replacement air vents Scanair and Skov
  11. Exhaust flues Triotec and Skov
  12. Circumstance computers Skov
  13. ILOX lighting systems

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Poultry Production Equipment

  • Happy and healthy animals create a low mortality and a higher rate of return
  • High Finnish quality
  • Durable, open and clear structure
  • Enrich Cages
  • Rearing cages
  • Aviary sysme "free range eggs" or "organic eggs" production
  • Clean eggs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Flexible solutions

Triotec also represents in Finland other high quality poultry farming systems from other European manufacturers: Skov, Jansen, Scan-air, Ziehl-Abegg, Vdl Agrotech,  Staalkat, Lubing, Farmtec, Impex and Cavenco.

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